Choir Hog Roast

On 19 July 2014, our choir’s  Hog Roast took place at Edgmond Bowling Club. This event was organised by our Ladies Social Committee, and was a great success, in spite of the appalling weather.

The Hog Roast had been planned as an outdoor event, but non-stop rain forced us all indoors. Nevertheless, the event was well attended by choir members and their wives and spouses, and a most convivial day was enjoyed by all. The food served up was excellent, both the meat baps and the desserts etc that had been provided by members of our Ladies Social Committee, and as the Bowling Club were kind enough to provide bar facilities, there was plenty of liquid refreshment available, to wash down all the food. Not only that but our Musical Director, Viv, had prepared a famous faces quiz that kept many of us occupied for a considerable time.

The photographs below hopefully convey our enjoyment of the event.

Choir Hogroast  1 July 2014

Choir members and spouses enjoying our Hog Roast.

Choir Hogroast July 2014

Choir Hogroast, July 2014. A good time was had by all.

Choir Hogroast July 2014

Some of the delicious desserts enjoyed at our Choir Hog Roast