Great News! Our Choir About to Resume: Why Not Join Us?

With the ending of most of the Covid-19 restrictions in England, and given that all or most of our members have been double jabbed with covid vaccine, we are now able to resume our activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic  is still very much with us, of course, and we cannot be sure whether we may have to take a backward step during the autumn or winter, but at least for now our spirits have been lifted greatly as we contemplate the resumption of our regular Monday evening practice sessions.

We will meet for the first time since March 2020 at 7.30 pm on Monday 6 September at our usual practice venue – Trinity Church, Wellington Road, Newport, TF10 7HF, and we certainly intend that thereafter we shall be meeting every Monday evening for a couple of hours of singing.

As we resume our activities we very much want to increase our numbers, so why not come along to join us for a practice session?

We are a band of blokes who  meet once a week, to enjoy one another’s company. and to sing together.

You do not need to have sung in a choir previously and lots of help will be available to you to help you get in the swing of things.

There is no necessity for you to be able to read music. It is great if you can, but it really will not hinder you if you can’t. Quite a few of our members can’t read music.

Lots of people think that they they can’t sing well enough to join a choir, but actually the number of people for whom this is the case is very small indeed.

We are in need of some extra members to boost our numbers, so please do give this some thought and come along. There is no obligation to join the choir, and no pressure will be put on you. If you don’t want to sing, but just to come along and listen to the practice you will be very welcome.

If you would like more information about our choir practices, feel free to contact our choir secretary by email or phone 01952 813267.

We look forward to seeing you.